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Credit Certificates and Workforce Education

Lifelong learning is a key to continued career advancement for employees and an organizations’ growth and sustainability.  Providing opportunities for higher education to your employees is an investment in their future and the future success of your organization.  Educational opportunities for growth & development can be linked to retention. 

Educated workers are:

  • Critical Thinkers
  • Problem Solvers
  • Drivers of Continuous Improvement
  •  Effective in Teams
  • Strong Communicators

Please inquire about the following certificate programs:

Students interested in enrolling in a certificate program should submit the application for Adult, Online and Certificate Programs. An official copy of your high school transcript or a GED is also required for admission. This should be sent directly from the school to the Keystone College Office of Admissions.

 *The Professional Development Institute at Keystone College has the following certificates approved by the Commonwealth Workforce Development System in the state of PA. This means that displaced workers can apply through their local Career Link to see if they qualify for state underwriting for re-training. The certificates are Customer Service,  Medical Billing & Coding, and Paralegal.

Certificates provide a short-term commitment for participants to earn a formal academic credential with flexible, convenient formats. Certificate programs can “step up” or transfer to academic degrees at Keystone College. Courses are provided onsite at a company, online or at the college location.

Associate Degrees can be offered for an organization with sufficient interest from workforce participants.

We strive to partner with organizations who understand the value of educating and developing their workforce for the future. We work with all forms of tuition reimbursement programs or company/self- pay models.

We strive to partner with organizations who embrace the vision that an educated workforce can be the greatest asset in a competitive, continuously evolving world of work.

Partner with us today to prepare for your future. Keystone CollegeCareers Grow Here.

Financial Aid

Stand alone certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid. Students completing certificate programs while also pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree may be eligible for financial aid. Students should check with the Office of Financial Aid to determine eligibility.

Connect with us:

email: pdi@jyycl.com
phone: 570-945-8621 or 570-945-8622